What can 1 million new build homes mean for you?


At its core, the government’s White Paper on housing released this week is designed to alleviate what housing minister Sajid Javid called the ‘broken housing market’. The paper proposes creating 225,000 new, affordable homes a year until 2020 to help first time buyers jump on the property ladder.

There are two crucial things the White Paper outlines; the acceptance of the need for a mix of rental properties and owners of the new build homes, and the requirement of swift development from a more diverse range of developers.

Assuming the plans are stuck to, then, the White Paper heralds a very exciting time for developers and landlords.

Buy to Let

Hikes in stamp duty and changes to buy to let (BTL) landlord regulation have given landlords a tough time of late. The White Paper promotes cross tenure, however:

‘People want a decent home to buy or a decent home to rentit’s a choice for them,’ Javid states.

The White Paper aims to promote security for tenants by pledging longer term three year plus tenancies, in the long term this will give BTL landlords more security. In the short, however, the need for the expert brokers that Enness offers may become more pronounced.

BTL lenders often prefer assured short hold tenancies, so having a broker who knows the market inside out and the best lenders to find your bespoke solution will be more important than ever.

Whether you’re a first-time landlord or established, the low price and predicted supply of the new homes offers a fantastic investment opportunity.


Building 1 million homes by 2020 will require an immense level of development at a whirlwind pace.

The White Paper acknowledges this and they have set aside £3billion worth of loan assistance for smaller firms to compete with larger firms for contracts, the latter of which currently have a 60% market share of housebuilding.

The white paper also proposes shortening the timescale for developers to implement a permission for housing development from three to two years, hugely quickening the pace at which development occurs.

Helping development firms and house builders access this £3billion pot and other forms of development finance at a bespoke rate is central to what Enness does, our development team having over 20 years’ experience in this field.

The government’s emphasis on speed combined with stress on competition, or diversification, for development plans outlined in the white paper mean firms will have to act quickly when applying for contracts.

Enness’ bridging department understand the needs of house builders and developers, particularly within what will become a highly competitive arena and will work around the clock to secure you the best rates most suited to the development.

The white paper’s emphasis on diversification presents an opportunity for smaller developers to really gain a foothold within a market the government is keen to keep expanding.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries, one of our expert brokers will be delighted to answer any questions you may have on the white paper.



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