Small scale development finance for foreign national client



A Ukrainian property developer recently came to me for small scale development finance, following the completion to a number of successful deals in the past. The client was originally referred to us by a lender we work with, highlighting our excellent lender relationships.

My client had purchased some land and had planning permission to build a four-bedroom house in Surrey. The purchase price had been £500,000, with projected build costs of £250,000.

My client was very specific in terms of what he was looking for; he needed very competitive rates and low fees as he did actually have the cash to complete the purchase and build, meaning the rate had to be worth it for him to take out a loan. This is common among high net worth clients as it enables them to retain cash flow.

Securing small scale development finance facilities is normally more difficult as it takes the lender as much work and time as a big loan so most don’t bother being that competitive on rate in the lower lending range. The client was also looking to raise the finance very quickly as the vendor was pressuring him to complete the sale.

Our extensive network of lenders was key here, as I was able to source a niche lender with whom we had a strong relationship and I knew they were comfortable lending in the location of the property.


I was able to secure my client a 12-month term at a rate of 6% per annum with an arrangement fee of 1%. Furthermore, I was able to issue these terms within seven days, to help with the pressure he was under from the vendor.

At Enness, we help developers of all sizes with their financing requirements. We also have the ability to secure finance quickly, in line clients’ key objectives. To speak to us about your development finance requirements, get in touch and we would be delighted to assist.