Refinancing on completion of a development project



When it comes to development finance, actually funding the development isn’t the end of the story—it’s also important to consider refinancing on completion of your development, and the reasons behind this.

The first reason for this is that your current loan may be on a high interest rate. Due to the time sensitive nature of development projects, you may have taken out a bridging loan. Although this is ideal for securing finance quickly, bridging loans typically come with high interest rates, meaning that you may need to refinance this loan upon completion of your project.

The other key reason is that you may wish to refinance upon completion to fund additional works on a new project, or release funds for your next project.

If you’re refinancing a bridging loan, there are some potential barriers. For example, not all lenders are comfortable with refinancing a bridging loan, and some lenders will have required the existing loan to have run for a set period.

You may also need to refinance on completion because your intention to sell your development as soon as possible after completion has not been possible. Market changes may prevent you from finding a buyer, or you may be waiting for an offer. A short term refinance solution may need to be put in place between completion and sale.

How can Enness help with refinancing on completion?

Enness is on hand to guide you through every step of the development finance process. With so many considerations, knowing the right option for your development project is important. From the start to the completion of your project, our team’s vast experience enables us to offer you the best advice at every stage.

We can also use our extensive network of lenders to source specialist development lenders, who will be happy to lend in unusual circumstances, such as refinancing bridges that have only been in place for a short period of time. Contact us today to discuss how we can support you through this process.



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