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Secondary Services

    Enness is an independent, whole of market brokerage providing high-quality mortgage solutions for individuals across the world. Comprising ultra high net worth, international, bridging, development, and commercial teams, Enness has the expertise to find solutions to the most complex – and seemingly impossible – cases.

  • Foreign Exchange

    Even a small fluctuation in exchange rates can have a significant impact on your budget, so understanding your foreign exchange (FX) options when investing in real estate is crucial to ensure you can effectively budget for the acquisition and make the most from your currency transfers.

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  • Tax

    The way tax is structured varies from country to country; your worldwide property portfolio, how you purchase property, and your overall wealth will have an impact on the best way to structure your purchase in terms of tax efficiency. We work with specialist tax consultants who can provide guidance.

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  • Insurance

    When buying a property most people tend to focus on getting the best mortgage terms, what their monthly payments will be and how much their tax bill is. However, making sure you and your new home are adequately protected is a crucial stage in the property buying process.

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  • Legal

    When purchasing a property, there are a vast number of legal considerations and they can be confusing – especially if you are a first time buyer. Whenever you purchase property, it’s necessary to instruct a solicitor who will carry out the legal work and guide you through each stage of the purchase.

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  • Capital Allowances

    In the UK, you can make deductions from the overall corporate or income tax on the profits of a number of commercial property types profits. These sums of money are called capital allowances. Our trusted partners can help you determine whether there are unclaimed capital allowances in your qualifying properties.

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  • VAT Invoicing

    Value added tax (VAT) is a cost which applies to commercial property and development finance cases. Most owners of commercial property opt to tax their assets, making any future buyer liable for VAT – currently 20% – on the purchase price. This extra cost can be limiting for investors so it’s important to seek guidance.

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  • Alternative Finance

    There are myriad ways to finance an asset, from traditional banks to less traditional platforms, such as crowdfunding, invoice financing and peer-to-peer lending. Enness has the knowledge and connections to explore these options for you, sourcing the best possible solution to suit your requirements.

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  • Invoice Factoring

    Invoice financing is a lending product assisting companies with cash flow whilst waiting for an outstanding invoice to be paid. If you offer customers or clients trade or business credit, whereby they purchase goods now and pay later, you may not be able to fund the restocking of goods or materials.

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  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

    An SPV is a company set up to capture value from property related projects. SPVs are usually set up for a specific purpose – property developers, investors and lenders frequently use SPVs to manage risks associated with their developments, many of which may have different investor profiles.

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